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Supervision Services- Group

1- 4 hour session

  • 4 hr
  • $50/hour
  • Online Only

Service Description

My motivation for providing supervision lies with my first supervisor, Keith Stewart, affectionately known as "Mr. Keith".  As a new BSW, I entered the world of social work with all the fervor of a blazing fire, ready to change the world- only to be met by systemic restraints and policies that did not match practice. Needless to say, it was a difficult time for me. I wanted to be a change agent in a system that did not want to change with the times. Fortunately, I had Mr. Keith. He successfully led me and my colleagues through two years of group supervision that would ultimately transform us as people and professionals.  As any social worker can tell you, social work is an "on-the-job training" kind of field. As much as you may learn from your office  supervisor or your co-worker, often we have to pull ourselves up by the boot straps and just GET. TO. WORK.  This can be scary, and I will not ever forget feeling overwhelmed and out of sorts. I want to insure no social worker, within my sphere of influence, has to face this challenge alone. I will listen to your concerns, provided real world feedback and walk alongside you, guiding you through cases you may face. My clinical training, experience, and wisdom creates a space for social workers to mature into professionals who are confident and competent. I do supervision because I want to make a safe space for growth. I am thrilled to get the opportunity to help develop more competent, kind, research-based social workers. As the community learns more and more about social work, we are becoming much more in demand. It is a pleasure to be apart of this change! 

Contact Details


PO Box 11160 Chickasaw AL

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