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Find Balance with Balanced Living, LLC

Our Purpose

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Balanced Living, LLC began in the minds of Lester & Pilar Bell as a remedy for the ongoing mental health crisis. As mental health issues are increasing, there seems to be a decrease of accessible, affordable therapy. Balanced Living exists to provide exceptional therapeutic services that is both flexible in scheduling and affordable. Our values are rooted in the dignity and worth of the individual, autonomy, and provider competency. Balance Living honors the client and the client’s experience. Our staff act as co-producers, with the client, on the journey of wellness. We offer flexible scheduling for after work hours and lunch breaks. Each session is only $30 and it is online. Our team of professionals understand the value of your time and seek to maximize each session. We look forward to working with you!

Lester, Pilar & Tripp Bell

Pilar Bell, Lead Therapist & Social Work Supervisor
Emily Lawler, Therapist
Madison McCown, MSW Intern

 Our Clinical Team

Our Services

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